Helix title

Unveiling Ancient Secrets: Explore and Collect

As the last one of your kind, you have no choice but to get into Helix’ secrets and hidden truths. Collect artifacts, explore ancient ruins, and answer the echoes of a mysterious call that resonates through the ages. Recover your identity with your intelligence and will. And we promise: it will all make sense.

Master the Puzzles: Engage with Responsive Environments

In Helix, your exploration reveals a world responsive to your powers, allowing meaningful interactions and complex puzzle-solving. Utilize your five distinct abilities in twenty-five unique combinations to progress through challenges in thoughtful, non-violent ways.

Artistic Expression

Experience the Helix adventure through a striking 4K black and white artistic style, inspired by 1980s indie comics, 1990s manga, and 1970s Franco-Belgian comics. The monochrome visuals symbolize the interplay of light and darkness, inviting you to engage deeply and reflectively in this rich, metaphysical and atmospheric journey.